Philippe Meers

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Film, cinema and reception studies : revisiting research on audience's filmic and cinematic experiences
Biltereyst Daniel   Meers Philippe  
Reception studies and audiovisual translation-p. 21-42
Memories of cinemagoing and film experience : an introduction
Kuhn Annette   Biltereyst Daniel   Meers Philippe  
Memory studies - ISSN 1750-6980-10:1 (2017) p. 3-16
Cinemagoing, film experience and memory
Kuhn Annette   Biltereyst Daniel   Meers Philippe  
2017,104 p.
Naive and sophisticated long-term readings of foreign and national films viewed in a Mexican northern town during the 1930-60s
Carlos Lozano Jose   Biltereyst Daniel   Meers Philippe  
Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas - ISSN 2050-4837-14:3 (2017) p. 277-296
New forms of audio-visual consumption in the digital age
Izquierdo Castillo Jessica   Vilallonga Montana Francesc   Meers Philippe  
Tripodos - ISSN 1138-3305-40 (2017) p. 9-11

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