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A protocol paper : community engagement interventions for cardiovascular disease prevention in socially disadvantaged populations in the UK: an implementation research study
Nahar Papreen   van Marwijk Harm   Gibson Linda   Musinguzi Geofrey   Anthierens Sibyl   Ford Elizabeth   Bremner Stephen A.   Bowyer Mark   Le Reste Jean Yves   Sodi Tholene   Bastiaens Hilde  
Global Health Research and Policy - ISSN 2397-0642-5:1 (2020) p. 1-9
Understanding general practitioners’ antibiotic prescribing decisions in out-of-hours primary care : a video-elicitation interview study
Colliers Annelies   Coenen Samuel   Bombeke Katrien   Remmen Roy   Philips Hilde   Anthierens Sibyl  
Antibiotics - ISSN 2079-6382-9:3 (2020) p. 1-11
Regional coordination and bottom-up response of general practitioners in Belgium and the Netherlands
van Olmen Josefien   Remmen Roy   Van Royen Paul   Philips Hilde   Verhoeven Veronique   Anthierens Sibyl  
BMJ : British medical journal - ISSN 1756-1833-369 (2020) p. 1-1
Effectiveness of a blended care programme for the discontinuation of benzodiazepine use for sleeping problems in primary care: study protocol of a cluster randomised trial, the Big Bird trial
Coteur Kristien   Van Nuland Marc   Vanmeerbeek Marc   Henrard Gilles   Anthierens Sibyl   Van den Broeck Kris   De Sutter An   Creupelandt Hanne   Devroey Dirk   Van Overmeire Roel   Offermans Anne-Marie   Kacenelenbogen Nadine   Laenen Annouschka   Mathei Catharina  
BMJ open - ISSN 2044-6055-10:2 (2020)
How did a Quality Premium financial incentive influence antibiotic prescribing in primary care? Views of Clinical Commissioning Group and general practice professionals
Borek Aleksandra J.   Anthierens Sibyl   Allison Rosalie   McNulty Cliodna A.M.   Lecky Donna M.   Costelloe Ceire   Holmes Alison   Butler Christopher C.   Walker A. Sarah   Tonkin-Crine Sarah   Anyanwu Philip E.   Bright Nicole   Buchanan James   Campbell Anne   Hayhoe Benedict   Hopkins Susan   Majeed Azeem   Mcleod Monsey   Moore Michael   Morrell Liz   Pouwels Koen B.   Robotham Julie V.   Roope Laurence S.J.   Walker Ann Sarah   Wordsworth Sarah   Yadav Sara   Zalevski Anna  
The journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy - ISSN 0305-7453- (2020) p. 1-8

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