Simon Verspeek

PhD Student

Publicaties in de kijker

3D defect detection using weighted principal component thermography
Sels Seppe   Bogaerts Boris   Verspeek Simon   Ribbens Bart   Steenackers Gunther   Penne Rudi   Vanlanduit Steve  
Optics and lasers in engineering - ISSN 0143-8166-128 (2020) p. 1-6
Optimisation of a heat source for infrared thermography measurements : comparison to mehler engineering + service-heater
Verspeek Simon   Ribbens Bart   Maldague Xavier   Steenackers Gunther  
Applied Sciences - ISSN 2076-3417-10:4 (2020) p. 1-10
Optimized dynamic line scanning thermography for aircraft structures
Peeters Jeroen   Verspeek Simon   Sels Seppe   Bogaerts Boris   Steenackers Gunther  
Quantitative infra red thermography journal - ISSN 1768-6733-
A CAD matching method for 3D thermography of complex objects
Sels Seppe   Verspeek Simon   Ribbens Bart   Bogaerts Boris   Vanlanduit Steve   Penne Rudi   Steenackers Gunther  
Infrared physics and technology - ISSN 1350-4495-99 (2019) p. 152-157
From thermal inspection to updating a numerical model of a race bicycle : comparison with structural dynamics approach
Steenackers Gunther   Peeters Jeroen   Verspeek Simon   Ribbens Bart  
Applied Sciences - ISSN 2076-3417-8:2 (2018)

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