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Thank you for your support! I have been re-elected to represent the AAP/BAP in the Board of Directors. I will continue to work with VABAP and all other stakeholders towards a better university. If you have any remarks, feel free to contact me!

Dear colleague,

Over the last years, the University of Antwerp has shown steady growth in number of students and research output. As largest group in the University’s work force, we, the researchers and educators in the assistant/supernumerary academic (AAP/BAP) statute, play a key role in enabling this growth. However, different surveys have shown that this growth comes at a cost: stress levels within AAP/BAP staff group are high.

During my term as representative of the AAP/BAP in the board of directors, I have worked closely with VABAP (the Association of Assistant and Supernumerary Academic Staff) to bring attention to factors that influence the work quality of AAP/BAP personnel. Together with different key players within the University, we are working at ways to take away barriers for a successful career at the University of Antwerp.

For instance, a survey among international PhD candidates, demonstrating the lack of clear information for these PhD candidates, has led to the creation of the “Practical guide for International PhD students”.

In addition, I have been involved in the different initiatives to establish a middle level of educators and researchers. A framework for educational and research middle levels positions has now been approved. The creation of “fall-back” grants for FWO postdoctoral fellowships has allowed talented researchers to strengthen their postdoc project and re-apply successfully.

Recently, I have been heavily involved in the reform of the rectoral elections. From now on, every member of AAP/BAP will be able to directly vote for our next rector, without the middle man of the electors. Hence, you will have a direct say in who will lead our University into the future!

Of course, there is still much work to be done. Hence, I would like to ask for you vote to renew my mandate as representative of the AAP/BAP in the board of directors of the University of Antwerp.

Subjects I would focus on include:

  • A single point of contact for all PhD-related questions at the start, during and at the end of your PhD to reduce the administrative burden and free up time for research of both PhD candidates and post-docs
  • The upcoming reform of the AAP/BAP statute, which should lead to a clearer definition of the position of our large staff group within the University
  • More funding for the establishment of research and educational middle level.

Of course, I remain available for all your comments and questions regarding the policy of the University of Antwerp.

With your vote, I hope to continue working on a better University of Antwerp, not only for AAP/BAP, but for all stakeholders!

With kind regards,



Timon Vandamme is arts-specialist in opleiding in de gastro-enterologie/digestieve oncologie in het Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen. Hij studeerde geneeskunde aan de Universteit Antwerpen, België en de Universidad de Barcelona, Spanje. Aanvullende training volgde hij aan de Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico. Tijdens een onderzoeksverblijf in het Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Nederland, en European Neurodocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) Center of Excellence, bekwaamde hij zich in de behandeling van neuroendocriene tumoren.

Timon Vandamme werkt aan een doctoraat rond neuroendocriene tumoren. De focus van zijn doctoraatsthesis  is het optreden van resistentie bij everolimusbehandeling in pancreatische neuroendocriene tumoren. Dit project maakt deel uit van een internationale samenwerking tussen het Center for Oncological Research (CORE) van de Universiteit Antwerpen, België and het laboratorium voor Experimentele Endocrinologie van het Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Nederland. Zijn onderzoek wordt ondersteund door het Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO), België en zal leiden tot een dubbeldoctoraat van zowel de Universiteit Antwerpen als de Erasmus Universiteit.

Zijn lopende onderzoek heef geleid tot verschillende mondelinge and posterpresentaties op nationale and internationale congressen, zoal het European Cancer Congress en het ENETS congres. Hij ontving de tweejaarlijkse ENETS-Ipsen Translational Research Fellowship in 2013.


Timon Vandamme is a digestive oncology fellow at the Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium. He completed his medical studies at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and the Universidad de Barcelona, Spain. He has gained additional expertise in the treament of neuroendocriene tumors during a research stay in the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, an European Neurodocrine Tumor Society (ENETS)-certified Center of Excellence.

 Currently, Timon Vandamme is pursuing a PhD in the field of neuroendocrine tumours. The focus of his PhD project is the resistance to everolimus treatment in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. The PhD project is part of an international collaboration between the Center for Oncological Research (CORE) of the University of Antwerp, Belgium and the laboratory of Experimental Endocrinology of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This will lead to a joint PhD between both institutions.

His ongoing research has led to oral and poster presentations on national and international congresses, including the European Cancer Congress and the ENETS conference. He recieved the bi-annual ENETS-Ipsen Translational Research Fellowship in 2013.


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