Veronique Verhoeven

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Publicaties in de kijker

Breast reconstruction after nipple-sparing mastectomy in the large and/or ptotic breast : a systematic review of indications, techniques, and outcomes
Tondu Thierry   Hubens Guy   Tjalma Wiebren   Thiessen Filip   Vrints Ina   Van Thielen Jana   Verhoeven Veronique  
Journal of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery - ISSN 1748-6815-73:3 (2020) p. 469-485
Regional coordination and bottom-up response of general practitioners in Belgium and the Netherlands
van Olmen Josefien   Remmen Roy   Van Royen Paul   Philips Hilde   Verhoeven Veronique   Anthierens Sibyl  
BMJ : British medical journal - ISSN 1756-1833-369 (2020) p. 1-1
Performance of a new guideline for telephone triage in out-of-hours services in Belgium : a pilot study using simulated patients
Morreel Stefan   Philips Hilde   Colliers Annelies   Verhoeven Veronique  
Health services management research - ISSN 0951-4848-p. 1-6
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the core functions of primary care: will the cure be worse than the disease? A qualitative interview study in Flemish GPs
Verhoeven Veronique   Tsakitzidis Giannoula   Philips Hilde   Van Royen Paul  
BMJ open - ISSN 2044-6055-10:6 (2020)
Towards an indigenous definition of health : an explorative study to understand the indigenous Ecuadorian people’s health and illness concepts
Bautista-Valarezo Estefanía   Duque Víctor   Verdugo Sánchez Adriana Elizabeth   Dávalos-Batallas Viviana   Michels Nele   Hendrickx Kristin   Verhoeven Veronique  
International journal for equity in health - ISSN 1475-9276-19:1 (2020)

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