Make sure that someone in the lab is made aware of the accident (call for help, ...).

First-aid helpers are available to fix minor injuries and provide first aid. In building Z there are several first aiders present. First-aid kits are available on every floor, close to the toilets. In Z.022, also a first-aid kit is available!

In case of a serious injury, call the European emergency number (112) immediately. Shortly afterwards the internal emergency number is called (+32 3 265 66 66). Next, the lab manager is contacted.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is present on the second floor of building Z, near the wooden stairs leading to the main entrance.

What exactly is an occupational accident?

An occupational accident is any accident that occurs to an employee or student

  • During and due to the performance of the employment contract;
  • OR during and due to the performance of the student's lab activities within the student's study program;
  • AND that results in an injury.

An occupational accident implies:

  • That it happens suddenly;
  • With one or more external causes;
  • Which causes injury (there must be a causality between the accident and the injury);
  • Which does not necessarily lead to incapacity for work, but there must be some medical expenses);
    • With the exception of accidents causing damage to prostheses (e.g. damaged spectacles) or orthopaedic devices;
  • And which happens during and because of the victim's work.

A commuting accident is also included as an occupational accident!

What is NOT an occupational accident?

  • Accidents at work with only material damage
  • Injuries caused by 'ordinary' actions
    • Simply walking around;
    • Getting up from a seat;
    • Getting up from a squatting position;
    • Twisting while walking;
    • ...
  • Injuries due to the victim's state of health
    • Heart attack;
    • Stroke;
    • ...