Personal protection equipment (PPE)


Working in our labs always requires certain personal protection equipment. Therefore, it is mandatory to always have the following available:

  • Lab coat / work outfit*
  • Safety shoes
  • Safety glasses

Lockers can be used to store personal protection equipment!

More information on where to get these PPE's can be found in our FAQ!


Certain lab activities requires other (extra) personal protection equipment as mentioned above. The following is provided by the lab:

  • Gloves 
  • Ear protection
  • Dust masks (≠ mouth masks !!!)

Collective protection equipment (CPE)

Collective protection equipment should always be the first step! E.g. when working with filler particles, it is better to use a (mobile) fume hood instead of using a dust mask. Different CPE are used in our labs:

  • Fume cupboard
  • Fume hood (mobile and fixed)
  • "No touch" housing (e.g. Autosaw)