Always think of your own safety first when trying to put out an incipient fire!
Entering a room filled with smoke can be deadly within seconds!

Emergency instructions

  1. Stay calm!
  2. Warn other people in the room/building. Press the fire alarm!
  3. Warn emergency services (112) and the internal emergency number afterwards (03 265 66 66)!
  4. In case you know how to handle an extinguisher without putting yourself in danger, make a maximum of one extinguishing attempt!

If you do not get the starting fire under control, leave the building as soon as possible

  • Follow the evacuation route;
  • Never use the elevator;
  • Close doors and windows on your way out!

Additional information

Never open doors or windows of a room whose latch is hot. If you have no choice

  • Keep as low to the ground as possible
  • Open the door slowly and carefully
    • If the door opens towards you, stand behind the door as protection from flaming gases
    • If the door opens away from you, stand behind the wall on the side of the handle: this is the position to be best protected against flaming gases.

Smoke in the escape route makes escape virtually impossible due to choking hazards and disorientation due to lack of visibility

  • Bend or crawl low to the ground to stay under the smoke (hot smoke rises);
  • Always stay in contact with the wall with the same hand in order not to become disoriented.

Can't leave a room because the hallway is on fire or full of smoke

  • Close the door;
  • Put (wet) cloths or clothes against the cracks of the door and wait for the fire department;
  • Go to the window and call for help.

If you get outside, go to the fire department and give them the following information

  • Place where the fire started;
  • Location of anyone who's left behind;
  • Specific risks in the affected room or its surroundings (chemicals, gases, biological agents, radioactive sources, etc.).

Go to the assembly point. Do not leave until the emergency services have given permission.