The eye wash bottles are intended as a first-aid tool for flushing out dust particles and foreign substances from the eyes. Washing the eyes is not a substitute for any further examination by a physician. The eye wash bottles are kept in the workplace within easy reach, protected from cold and sunlight.

In case of emergency

  1. Remove the cover;
  2. Bend the head forward over the bottle OR place the bottle above the eye;
  3. Open the eyelids as far as possible with thumb and forefinger (WITH PURE HANDS !!!);
  4. Gently press the spray head against the eye while keeping the eyelids open. Flush abundantly by repeatedly pressing the bottle;
  5. Provide a constant supply of bottles until the eye is adequately flushed (the contamination is out of the eye).
  6. Always consult an ophthalmologist immediately after eye flushing!


The victim usually closes his eyelid spontaneously. Therefore, the victim is often unable to flush his/her own eye sufficiently.

The first care helper must apply the first cares!

Make sure that the seal of the eye wash product is not broken. Once the seal is broken, the bottle may no longer be used. As long as the bottle is sealed, the water fill will remain good for two years. The eye wash bottles are renewed every year in our labs!