The application will be reviewed by the NBB councel.

Once an application has been approved, a project number is assigned and the researcher is informed about the procedure for obtaining the requested samples and the financial contribution.

Financial contribution for non-profit organizations:

Human bodily material

CSF/blood and derivates, 0-600µl/sample
€ 17
Frozen tissue, 50-150mg/sample
(€ 67; to be discussed, subject to availability)
FFPE tissue section, one slide
€ 7
FFPE tissue block, one region
to be discussed, only exceptionally lent
administration cost
€ 185

The University of Antwerp charges an overhead of 20% (contribution indirect costs - BIK). This is passed on to the applicant.

The IBB-NeuroBiobank is a non-profit organization and the financial contribution is meant as compensation for the costs of bio banking, and not as payment for the tissue samples as such.

For profit organizations: a cost model can be negociated.