Conditions of purchase

Conditions for public procurement and specific directives for the contracting of works, deliveries and services.

Download the purchase conditions NL - EN - FR (pdf)

Safety requirements for deliveries, repairs and installations

Certain safety requirements must be observed during (re)installation and repairs. The service provider must complete, sign and return the (re)installation or repairs (EN - FR) declaration (MS Word document) to the University of Antwerp’s Health and Safety Department as soon as the work has been carried out.

Certain safety requirements must be observed during deliveries. In order to comply with these requirements, the supplier must submit a number of documents.

Safety instructions for external employees

All works at the University of Antwerp must be carried out according to the provisions of the ‘Algemeen Reglement voor de Arbeidsbescherming’ (ARAB, ‘General Regulations for Labour Protection’), the law of 4 August 1996 (Belgian Official Journal 18/09/96) and the Codex on employees’ wellbeing at work.

Waste must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable environment laws and at the contractor’s expense.

Teaching and research activities are carried out at the University of Antwerp. Any disruption to these activities must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Please read the safety instructions for external employees (PDF - 760kb)