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Projects and internships

Help a student gain practical experience

With a consulting project, internship or Master's thesis, students offer a refreshing look on current issues within your organisation, which often leads to creative solutions and innovative recommendations. We are always interested in new collaborations, all projects or internships that align with a subject area of the faculty are eligible.

You can publish internships on the Career Center (our one-stop shop for all career-related activities) and you can contact about consulting projects. 

Consulting project

In a consulting project, our students analyse an actual corporate issue. Based on their own synthesis, they present specific recommendations in a report. A good balance between the project and the student's classes has to be maintained at all times.

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Practice-oriented Master's thesis

In a practice-oriented Master's thesis, students analyse an organisational issue and formulate realistic management recommendations in an academic report. The practice-oriented Master's thesis gives student the opportunity to work with a company or organisation for a longer period of time. A good balance between the practice project and the student's classes has to be maintained at all times.

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Internships allow students to gain actual experience in a company by working on current projects or assignments. At the end of the internship, the student is required to write a self-reflective evaluation report.

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Voluntary internship

In a voluntary internship:

  • the student does not earn credits, nor does he or she receive guidance from an faculty supervisor. However, the student is insured by the University of Antwerp.
  • there are no requirements with regards to content and the student is not expected to hand in a report. However, the internship has to be in alignment with the curriculum and has to contribute to the intellectual development of the student.
  • the student has to be able to combine the internship with his or her classes at all times.

After filling in the registration form, a proof of insurance will be delivered to the student and the company within 14 days.