1. Admission to the PhD studies and enrolment

Personal data of PhD candidates are registered in different databases. In the Privacy Statement, the University of Antwerp informs you about the way your personal data are handled. 


As a PhD candidate you belong to one of the following groups, depending on your funding:

  • Academic assistants
  • FWO aspirants/ scholarship students
  • FWO/VLAIO postdoctoral fellowships
  • Fellowship at VITO/IMEC/IBBT/VIB
  • Dehousse scholarship students
  • Project funds researchers
  • Other PhD candidates (not registered with the Human Resources Department)

Consult the PINTRA page of the Human Resources Department for more information. In case of personal questions, contact your administration officer in the Human Resources Department.

2. Arranging confidentiality agreements

Confidentiality during the preparation of your PhD

If you are working with external partners during the preparation of your PhD (e.g. a company or other knowledge institution) then you should probably make some agreements beforehand about publications, confidentiality and intellectual property rights regarding the research results. The Valorisation Office of Research, Innovation and Valorisation Antwerp (RIVA) will provide the necessary support and draw up an agreement.

If you believe that certain research results in your PhD thesis could be valorised or used in a commercial application, please contact the Valorisation Office. It may be worth protecting them with a patent application.

Confidentiality regarding your PhD thesis

If certain aspects of your PhD thesis must remain confidential (e.g. if you have submitted a patent application, or if your thesis was written in collaboration with a company - see above) then a number of confidentiality agreements must be made before your defence (e.g. confidentiality clause for jury members, organising an internal defence,...). Please contact the Valorisation Office to make these arrangements. When you announce the public PhD defence, please fill in the 'confidentiality checklist' and email it to valorisatie@uantwerpen.be (see Preparing the defence, step 6).

Please also think about the confidentiality when you layout your thesis: you need to put the word 'confidential' on your cover and a disclaimer needs to be shown on the first page.