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FBE PhD ombudspersons

PhD students who experience problems in relation to the PhD procedure or in case of interpersonal conflicts such as disputes with their supervisor and/or individual PhD committee, can contact one of the PhD ombudspersons. The ombudsperson acts as an impartial third party who listens and gives advice. Only at the request of the PhD student, the ombudsperson will mediate between the parties involved and help to seek a solution that is acceptable to all concerned.

Within the Faculty of Business and Economics a team of 3 ombudspersons is active:

Prof. Dr. Kris Hardies
Professor within the department of Accountancy and Finance

Prof. Dr. Annouk Lievens
Professor within the department of Marketing

Dr. Hanne Lamberts-Van Assche

PhD students can also contact ombudspersons of other Faculties. Other mediation options are: the individual PhD committee (IPC), the university's ombudsperson and the confidential advisors (Antwerp Doctoral School).  

Antwerp Doctoral School

Antwerp Doctoral School (ADS) is, amongst other things, responsible for joint PhD and the educational credit. ADS also offers a range of free courses. (general questions) (ADS courses) (joint PhDs)

More info: contact page ADS