Below you will find specific forms for international students. Please consult our Helpdesk or contact the Faculty of Science student administration with questions regarding these forms or other queries.

Apply for admission...

... with a foreign diploma

If you want to be admitted to a programme on the basis of a foreign diploma, it's necessary to first follow an application procedure and submit a complete application file online before the deadlines.

... with a Flemish degree that does not give direct access to the programme

Apply with a Flemish degree

Apply for an exemption

Students who wish to request an exemption for specific programme components on the basis of earned credits can apply for an exemption. You will need to submit a file that includes arguments and proof supporting your request for all relevant programme components, on the basis of which the faculty will determine your eligibility for exemption.

Apply for an exemption

Apply for a change in the 2nd semester of your study programme

The deadline for the registration of a complete study programme (both semesters) is October 1st. Changes can still be made in SisA prior to this date.

Only is specific cases and after approval of the Study Progress Commission, changes can be made to the 2nd semester courses. 

Apply for a change in your study programme for the second semester

Apply for the course 'Laboratory Animal Science'