Quality Control & Innovation

CIKO is the abbreviation of Cel voor Innovatie en Kwaliteitszorg in het Onderwijs or Unit for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education. Every faculty at the University of Antwerp established such a unit in the spring of 2004.

The CIKOs were established throughout the university in order to enhance quality assurance and innovation in education at faculty level and for the educational commissions.

The CIKOs' activities include:

Quality assurance

  • Improving and guaranteeing the quality of programmes, with a special focus on the University of Antwerp's vision of innovation in education (targeted curriculum development, activating work methods, competence-oriented assessment methods)
  • Organising and following up on educational assessments
  • Stimulating educational commissions and lecturers to reflect critically on the education they provide
  • Providing support for the preparation and follow-up of external educational reviews

Innovation in education

  • Supporting, stimulating and coordinating educational innovation projects within the faculty
  • Contributing to initiatives that support the didactic professionalisation of ECHO (the Expertise Centre for Higher Education)


General CIKO documents are available in Dutch