Incoming exchange student?

Are you a science student looking to study in an exciting city?  The University of Antwerp's Faculty of Science offers a stimulating exchange programme in the domains of biology/ecology, bioscience engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science.

With the information below, you can already get a good start in choosing a study programme. For more general information about studying in Antwerp as an exchange student, please visit the webpages of our International Relations Office.

If you have any questions or hesitations, please contact Sarah Verberckmoes, our faculty's exchange coordinator.


Within the Faculty of Sciences, several persons are able to help you with any questions you’ll have. The administrative coordinator for the Faculty is Sarah Verberckmoes.  She is your first point of contact if you are interested in an exchange period at our university.

Each department has also an academic coordinator, who is responsible for approval of content of the learning agreement:

Study field

Academic coordinator

Biology / Ecology

Prof Ivan Nijs

Bioscience engineering

Dr Tom Tytgat


Prof Ana Cunha


Prof Milorad Milosevic

Computer Science / Informatics

Prof Hans Vangheluwe


Prof Masoud Ahookhosh


Of course, with any of your questions you can contact Sarah Verberckmoes

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Antwerp! 

Language requirements

It is essential for a successful stay as an Erasmus exchange student in the Faculty of Sciences that you have a good command of English, oral as well as written.

The university’s language centre Linguapolis organises various intensive language courses at the beginning of each semester and during the academic year. Detailed information can be found at the Linguapolis website.

If you wish to choose a course that is taught in Dutch, we request that you have a profound knowledge of the Dutch language, that allows you to follow Dutch courses on an academic level.

Establishing your study programme at the University of Antwerp

Students are expected to take up 30 credits per semester (with a bare minimum of 20 credits).

Please note that as a rule, bachelor students take bachelor courses, and master students take master courses. As a bachelor student you can also take up master courses IF you get the permission of the responsible academic coordinator. 

Although we advises against it, sometimes you can take courses at other faculties of the University of Antwerp.  We limit this to a maximum of 2! But please make sure you have the permission of the administration plus professor(s) of that faculty.

Course descriptions and requirements can be found on the website. On the page with the study programme, please select first the correct academic year. If you click on the course title, you will receive more information about the selected course. Please check that the course is taught during your stay: i.e. choose a course that is taught in the correct semester, if it is a bi-annual course, choose courses that are taught in academic years starting in an odd year (for academic year 2019-2020).

Go to the overview of our courses offered in English

Looking for a research project under Erasmus?

Research projects on the learning agreement between 20 and 30 ECTS can be approved. You need to contact a research group and obtain acceptance for the project yourself and in advance. You need this acceptance to finalise your application.   

For research projects in Biology, the following conditions apply:  you will be able to select a subject within the disciplines physiology-biochemistry-molecular biology (plants). If you are interested in a research project outside of these disciplines, you need to contact a research group and obtain acceptance for the project yourself and in advance. Students arriving without such an agreement will be offered subjects in the disciplines physiology-biochemistry-molecular biology (plants). In case you want to get more information on the physiology-biochemistry-molecular biology subjects before you arrive, you can contact prof. Han Asard (

Students should have a fully signed Training Agreement at least 2 months before the start of their exchange period and send it to No applications will be processed during the months July and August. After all the necessary arrangements have been made you can start with the online application process. Please mind the deadlines!