Below you will find the tuition fees for the academic year 2024-2025.

Keep in mind that tuition fees are always due after credits have been taken, even if a decision is made to de-enrol. The amount owed depends on the study programme and the taken credits at the time at which de-enrolment takes place.

Tuition fee bachelor, master, preparatory and bridging programme

1. The following rate applies to the tuition fee for all bachelor programmes:

  • standard rate for students with a nationality of an EEA-member state*: 288 euro + 13.8 euro/credit (1116 euro for 60 credits) 
  • increased rate for students with other nationalities: 400 euro + 45 euro/credit (3100 euro for 60 credits)

2. The following rates apply to the tuition fee for all master, preparatory and bridging programmes, credit contract**:

  • standard rate for students with a nationality of an EEA-member state*: 288 euro + 13.8 euro/credit (1116 euro for 60 credits) 
  • increased rates for students with other nationalities:
    • standard: 400 euro + 90 euro/credit (5800 euro for 60 credits)
    • tuition fee reduction: 400 euro + 45 euro/credit (3100 euro for 60 credits) [does not apply to credit contracts]

3. Exceptions: 

  • Research Master of Philosophy:​
    • all nationalities: 288 euro + 13.8 euro/credit (1116 euro for 60 credits)
  • Master of Leading International Vaccinology Education (Erasmus Mundus; for details see
  • ​Master of Applied Ecohydrology (Erasmus Mundus; for details see

*European Economic Area (EEA): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden (or other nationalities who become EEA-nationals before 01/01 of the academic year concerned or with a valid permanent Belgian residence permit dated before 01/01 of the academic year concerned, this means either valid for at least 5 years in the case of type B, C, D, E(+) F(+), M cards or type A card with the following reasons of stay: refugee, family reunification, humanitarian visa, victim of human trafficking or subsidiary protection)

**Non-EEA nationals without a permanent Belgian residence permit can only enroll in credit contracts if they are already enrolled in a degree programme or if they do not reside in Belgium on the basis of a student visa.

Tuition fee advanced master

Below you can find the tuition fees for the English advanced masters.  For the Dutch advanced masters please consult the Dutch pages.

  • Business and Economics
    • advanced master Master of Maritime and Air Transport Management*: 18500 euro
  • Sciences
    • advanced master Master of Water Sustainability: Integrating Technology- and Nature-based Solutions:
      • standard fee: 290 euro + 45 euro/credit
      • tuition fee reduction: 290 euro + 14 euro/credit; only possible after selection by the faculty and if the student does not have a scholarship.  The faculty can define additional criteria.
  • Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB)*
    • advanced master Master of Globalisation and Development
    • advanced master Master of Governance and Development
    • advanced master Master of Development Evaluation and Management
      • student without scholarship: 2750 euro
      • student with scholarship: a) ICP/BTC scholarship: 1116 euro; b) other scholarships: 5150 euro

*collection of payment by the organizer. Please contact the organizer for the details of payment

Tuition fee PhD

If you enrol as a PhD student, you will only pay tuition fees for the first enrolment in the PhD and for the defence of your thesis.  Please note, if both events take place in the same academic year, both fees are due.

The following rates apply to the enrollment as a PhD student (diploma contract):

  • First enrolment in a PhD: 557.1 euro
  • Re-enrolment: 0.0 euro
  • Defence of the thesis: 557.1 euro

In your final year, your tuition fees should be paid once the date of your thesis defence has been confirmed and the registrar's office has been notified of this date using the form "Information regarding the defence of a PhD thesis".

Only pay the tuition fees when you receive notification from the registrar's office that they are due.

Tuiton fee micro-credentials, postgraduate and exchange

The tuition fees for the micro-credentials can be found on the relevant webpages in the study guide. The payment details will appear in the student portal after enrolment and registration of the courses.

Postgraduate students should contact the organiser of the postgraduate programme to learn more about the amount and the method of payment.  

Exchange students (e.g. Erasmus) do not have to pay tuition fees for their registration.

How do I calculate the tuition fee in the case of multiple enrolments?

The credits needed for all your programmes will be added up to calculate your tuition fee if you are taking an initial academic bachelor, initial master, a bridging or preparatory programme.  The fixed amount only has to be paid once.

Exceptions to this rule include

  • the programmes with increased tuition fees (e.g. non-EEA nationals)
  • the advanced master programmes
  • PhD
  • micro-credentials
  • postgraduate programmes

If you're taking one or more of these enrolments, each enrolment will be calculated individually according to the rate of the programme. If credits apply, these credits will not be combined with credits used for programmes in other categories.  Each fixed amount of the combined programmes will have to be paid in this case.