Department of Sociology

You are fascinated by human society. You are interested in what drives people, what brings them together and pushes them apart: from their intimate private lives to the vast networks of global society. You ask yourself certain questions: why is poverty still such a big problem in the modern world? What makes terrorists do what they do? What turns simple boys and girls into pop idols? What is racism? Why do people (still) get married? What impact will our ageing society have?  You have an inquisitive mind and are interested in a wide range of things. Current affairs interest you, but you want more - you want to go deeper and find explanations. If this is the case, then Sociology is obviously the perfect subject for you.

The University of Antwerp's Sociology programme has an excellent reputation. The quality of the sociological research carried out at the Centre for Social Policy, Centre for Population, Family and Health, CRESC and other institutes is extremely high, and this is something you notice as a student here - you can feel how vibrant the research is. Our programme provides a broad academic base: philosophy, psychology, law, economy, anthropology, history... We cover it all. You will be taught the skills that every sociologist needs, such as understanding and developing theories, applying different methods and deciphering statistics.

We use a wide range of learning techniques, such as student research, lectures, papers, seminars and group work.

The Master in Sociology programme is a unique opportunity to further develop your personal interests in a friendly, stimulating research environment among the department's researchers and professors.

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