Social Sciences

Research networks

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

Why networks?

Key to the progress of science is the (inter)national collaboration in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary networks with other academics, non-academic organisations and different actors in society. Often this is in temporary consortia or projects, other times this collaboration is more formalized.

A* (Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network)

The Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network aims to bring together and make visible the research and expertise on gender and sexuality at the University of Antwerp.


The Antwerp Interdisciplinary Platform for Research into Inequality (AIPRIL) seeks to advance our understanding of how socioeconomic inequalities are changing, what is driving such trends and what, if anything, can be done.

Antwerp Humanities Lab (AnHuLab)

The Antwerp Humanities Lab (AnHuLab) creates an environment for master students and researchers to conduct experimental studies in which eyetracking is used.

Antwerp Social Lab

The Antwerp Social Lab's focus is on psychophysiological and behavioral methods that capture human interactions in interpersonal and mediated contexts.

Antwerp Tax Academy

The primary objectives of the Antwerp Tax Academy are to promote, facilitate and conduct multidisciplinary fundamental and applied scientific research.

GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence (Trust and Distrust in Multi-level Govenance)

The GOVTRUST Centre of Excellence studies trust in government, trust between governments and trust between public and private entities from an interdisciplinary perspective, taking into account the increasing integration of governments into multilevel systems such as the EU.

Hannah Arendt Institute

The Hannah Arendt Institute seeks to contribute to a stable society, in which everyone feels involved, by connecting scientific knowledge about diversity, urbanity and citizenship with the insights and experiences of policymakers, organisations and citizens.

Research Centre on Representatives and their Communication (RCRC)

The Research Centre on Representatives and their Communication (RCRC) is an interdisciplinary group of scholars studying how individual politicians represent and communicate.

Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (IMDO)

The Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development (IMDO) combines expertise from the various disciplines on the environment and sustainable development.

Urban Studies Institute (USI)

The Urban Studies Institute is a platform and laboratory for the development of interdisciplinary research and education on cities, urban development and urban challenges.

Network on Migration and Global Mobility