Institute of Development Policy

How can you help?

Promoting IOB’s educational offer

IOB’s alumni are indispensable for making IOB’s educational offer known to potential applicants in your country or field of expertise! A promotion package (flyers, brochures & gadgets) is available to be sent to you if you would like to use it to distribute it in your university, at an international conference … 
If you would like to have such a promotion package sent to you, please contact Several IOB alumni have been very active in promoting IOB as IOB ambassadors for many years. Thank you!

Facilitating IOB students’ fieldwork

Many IOB students undertake fieldwork for the preparation of their master dissertation. Some students however can use some help … doing research in a country that is not their own or setting up a comparative study with a sector they are not all that familiar with. If you feel like facilitating those students’ research, contact

Internships for IOB students/graduates

If the organisation where you work is looking for qualified graduates to do an internship, you can also consider IOB graduates or students as interns/trainees. Kindly contact to discuss internship opportunities in your organisation in more detail.

Feeling inspired?

Would you like to share an experience, your research, happy news (birth, weddings …) with other alumni? Consider contributing to the Exchange to Change alumni newsletter! 
Please contact 
Or do you have a suggestion for an alumni activity? Just let us know ...