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Exchange to Change

Alumni magazine

What is going on at IOB? What are other IOB alumni doing?
Remenisce about the ‘good old day’ … or better yet … share with the alumni community what projects/ initiatives you are engaging in?   

Twice a year there is the IOB alumni magazine  Exchange to change.  We hope you enjoy reading it! You can find it here on our website, in your maibox (if we have your email) and on social media.
If you prefer to get a hard copy sent to your house, please register using this form.  

Feel free to contact if you have some news, project, ideas, stories you want to share in the Exchange to change 

Happy reading! 

New Exchange to Change

Fall 2023

to download the exchange: click on the issue of your choice, this will open in a new window. Then click on 'share' and 'download'.