Institute of Development Policy

Alumni activities

IOB organises several types of alumni activities to allow for interaction between IOB staff, alumni and even the broader development community

  • meet-and-greet sessions (informal get-togethers between IOB staff and alumni in-country),
  • alumni in action –talks ( an alumnus/a gives a lunch seminar for IOB students & staff);
  • alumni IMPACT award seminar (after an open call for applications, the alumnus/a that has generated the most development impact is invited to present his/her work in Antwerp
  • In-country seminars in the South. The latter brings together IOB alumni (and staff) in a IOB ‘core’ country (Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Philippines and Vietnam) in a seminar with diverging formats depending on alumni demand: alumni present their work (poster sessions, presentations in seminar format, training workshops) and a networking event to facilitate synergies (the local (Belgian) development actors are also invited) to materialized.

Upcoming meet and greet sessions

Because of coronavirus-related restrictions, there are currently no meet and greet sessions planned.

Past meet and greet sessions

30 September 2019 - Uganda

30th of September 2019, Alumni seminar in Kampala, Uganda. The seminar will provide alumni with an update on IOB research at IOB, an opportunity to share their impact story and networking with other alumni at the alumni diner. Download the invitation here

16 September 2019

Mr. Daniel Agramont (Bolivia) is the first alumni keynote speaker at the IOB graduation ceremony. Watch the video here.

16-17 August 2019

On the 16 and 17th of August, IOB alumni in Nicaragua were invited to participate in a two day alumni seminar, offering face to face and online presentations on Evaluation topics ( i.e. realist evaluation and impact evaluation). Alumni who participated received a certificate of attendance. Additionally, alumni were given the opportunity to share their IOB impact story and link up with other alumni in a networking event. Invitation of seminar (hyperlink to invitation)

10 May 2019 - Vietnam
10th of May 2019 IOB alumni event Vietnam:The get together took place in the Vuon Garden in Hanoi and brought together Vietnamese alumni to (re)connect to each other and IOB as well as the Belgian Embassy. Alumni were given an opportunity to share their ‘IOB story’

5 April 2019 - First Ethiopian alumni seminar

On the 5th of April 2019 the first Ethiopian IOB alumni seminar will take place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kassanchiz, Addis Ababa. The event will bring together IOB alumni from Ethiopia, IOB staff and Belgian Development actors to get to know one another or see each other again after many years. This event will also mark the start of a formal IOB Ethiopia alumni chapter and enables
students and staff to discuss the way forward. Afterwards all participants are invited to the network reception and walking dinner.

Download the pdf-invitation

3 March 2019 - annual Tanzanian alumni event

On the 3rd of March 2019 the annual Tanzanian IOB alumni event will take place at the Sea Shell Hotel Dar Es Salaam. The event will bring together IOB alumni from Tanzania, IOB staff and some Belgian Development actors to get to know one another or see each other again after many years. Alumni will first participate in a seminar in which they are presented with a broad update on IOB activities and research. Afterwards all participants are invited to participate in a networking brunch.

Download the pdf-invitation

11 May 2018 - Tanzania alumni network event

On the 11th of May 2018, another alumni event is organised by IOB together with the Belgian Embassy in Tanzania and the University of Ghent. The embassy invites all Tanzanian Alumni of Belgian Universities to the first alumni network event at the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel in Dar Es Salaam.

The programme consists of an individual alumni chapter meeting (separate for IOB alumni), followed by the Welcoming speech by H. E. Paul Cartier, Ambassador of Belgium to Tanzania, the Keynote speech by Hon. Prof. Joyce Ndalichako, Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational training and a Poster reception with presentations by alumni and walking dinner.

21 March 2018 - Alumni in action seminar & Photo voice exhibition

To give current students an idea about some of the relevant work IOB alumni are engaged in, IOB organises Alumni in Action talks. On the 21st of March, IOB invited alumna Rose Nambooze (GLOB 2010 and Founder of Angel's center for Children with special needs in Uganda) to present her work on "Piloting inclusive education in Uganda, threats and opportunities in increasing access to education for children with disabilities"  to the IOB students. Additionally, Caroline Masquillier (post-doctoral researcher at UAntwerp and founder of Field, a creative science communication platform that helps scientists of all domains to communicate their research results and the value of their work in an engaging and creative way) gave a presentation on "Using photo voice as a tool". In her presentation she explained how the photo voice methodology was useful in capturing the experiences and life stories of the children and parents of children with disabilities in Uganda.

Afterwards, IOB students and staff were invited to the opening of the exhibition Uganda’s Special Needs, a photo exhibition documenting the lives of children with disabilities. The latter showcased the photos and the stories captured through photo voice techniques some of the aspects of lives of children with disabilities in Uganda.

20 March 2018 - Filipino alumni seminar

IOB is investing in a more structural alumni policy. This also involves setting up alumni chapters in a number of countries (Tanzania, Uganda, Nicaragua, Philippines, Ethiopia and Vietnam). This time IOB wanted to focus on the Philippines. Therefore, on March 20th  2018 IOB organised an alumni seminar in Manila. The occasion also marked the start of the cooperation between IOB and De La Salle University (DLSU) in the Philippines, with Prof. N. Holvoet and Dr. Alellie Sobrevinas as promotors, which culminated in the signing of the MoU.

At the seminar, several IOB and DLSU staff presented their research during the morning session, while IOB alumni Karen Serrano (2016, GLOB) and Mary Ann Manahan (2015, GLOB) shared their research findings with the audience. A poster reception offered the opportunity to showcase even more IOB alumni work. The evening ended with an alumni dinner and… how could it not … a Karaoke night!

The following days, Prof. Holvoet and Sara Dewachter were happy to meet many other IOB alumni at a lunch meeting at NEDA (National Economic Development Authority) and at ADB (Asian Development Bank). This event only marked the formalization of what was already a very vibrant alumni network. Let’s keep it alive!

9 February 2018 - Nicaragua meet & greet

On  9 February 2018, the Nicaraguan alumni chapter had an informal meet and greet session with the alumni and Prof. Johan Bastiaensen in Managua, Nicaragua. It was a joyful encounter and further plans for an IOB alumni seminar in Nicaragua were discussed.

November 2017
Nathalie Holvoet and Sara Dewachter hosted a meet an greet session in Kampala, Uganda.

Find the alumni booklet here.

20 & 21 august 2017
IOB alumni seminar: reception & (free) workshops Mzumbe University, Morogoro, Tanzania
This seminar will consist of a social event (reception & dinner) on Sunday evening and for those interested several workshop training sessions and a poster reception is being organized on Monday. Further information will follow.

4 August 2017
Johan Bastiaensen hosted an informal alumni meet and greet session in Nitlapan Nicaragua

For those alumni or students who have not yet attended a meet and greet session, it is an informal get together among IOB former students, staff and also current or future IOB students. The purpose is to get to know each other and share information in a very informal setting.
However as you might already know, through its Going Global programme, IOB is investing even more than before in globalizing its partnerships. At IOB, we think that our alumni are key partners in this partnership!
To be able to forge and sustain networks with and among our alumni in a more structured way, IOB would like to invest in starting up in-country alumni chapters in selected countries, among which also Nicaragua

28 april 2017
A session on ‘Life after IOB’ will be organized. The session is meant for IOB students, alumni and staff interested in finding out more about opportunities with regard to PhD studies, internships, vacancies and more. At 17:00 a reception will also be organized so alumni and current students can interact.

30 March 2017
Mr. Guggi Laryea (alumnus 1996) will present ‘ The World Bank: History and current role from an insider’s perspective’ during a lunch seminar at IOB. Guggi works at the World Bank (Brussels Office) as European Civil Society and European Parliament Relations Lead and External and Corporate Relations.

July or August 2016 Prof. Nathalie Holvoet hosteda meet and greet session (during her family holiday) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

June 2016 Prof. Germán Calfat hosted an alumni meet and greet session in Quito, Ecuador.

31 May 2016 On 31 May, a session on ‘Life after IOB’ was organized. The session was meant for IOB students and alumni interested in finding out more about opportunities with regard to PhD studies, internships, vacancies, etc.

31 May 2016 One former IOB student was invited to come to IOB to present his work to all IOB students and staff.

17 March 2016 

Rose Mutumba (IOB alumna) presented some of her work with regard to children with special needs in Uganda. More information: Angle’s centre for children with special needs

26 February 2016 Prof. Johan Bastiaensen hosted an alumni meet and greet session in Managua, Nicaragua on 26 February 2016.

25 June 2015, Antwerp, Belgium.  An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in Antwerp, Belgium on Thursday the 25th of June in Antwerp. 

27 March 2015, Kigali, Rwanda.  An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in Kigali, Rwanda on Friday the 27th of March 2015. Dr. Bert Ingelaere hosted the meet and greet session in hotel Umubano in Kaciyru.

8 February 2015, Bujumbura, Burundi. An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in Burundi on Sunday the 8 th of February 2015. Prof Stef Vandeginste hosted the meet and greet session in Hotel La Palmeraie in Bujumbura.

3 October 2014, Yaoundé, Cameroun. IOB alumni Meet and greet, The Meet and greet session will be hosted by Dr. Rogers Orock on Friday the 3rd of October 2014 at 6 p.m. @ café La dolce Vita.

5 December 2014, Manila, Philippines. IOB alumni seminar. IOB professor, PhD students , alumni and external speakers will present research papers. Germán Calfat will host this session. More information will be available soon.

Download invitation and call for papers here.


February 21, 2014. Uganda- Kampala. Alumni networking event (click here to access the alumni booklet and power point presentation). Sara Dewachter hosted this session at the Fairway hotel, Kampala. Some thirty IOB alumni  participated in the event. Click here to join the Ugandan Alumni FB group or check out the photo’s

Download the presentation here.

Download the Ugandan alumni booklet here.

September 17, 2013. Tanzania - Mzumbe University (Nathalie Holvoet and Katrien Van Aelst). On the occasion of the start of a new programme of institutional cooperation between the Flemish Interuniversity Council and Mzumbe University

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session will be organised in Managua, Nicaragua. Prof. Johan Bastiaensen will host the meet and greet session in the Cocina Doña Haydee : Restaurante principal Managua, Nicaragua.

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in Kenya on Thursday the 19th of April 2012. Prof. Danny Cassimon hosted  the meet and greet session in 'the Mukatan Garden Café (Fairview Hotel) in Nairobi.

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in  Uganda on Sunday the 23rd of October 2011. Prof. Nathalie Holvoet hosted  the meet and greet session in 'the Cayenne' in Kampala.

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in Benin on Wednesday the 11th of April 2012.  Prof. Marijke Verpoorten hosted  the meet and greet session in Cotonou.

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in  Ecuador on Friday the 7th of October 2011. Prof Germán Calfat hosted  the meet and greet session in Universidad Católica del Ecuador.

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in  Burundi on Friday the 10 th of June 2011. Prof Filip Reyntjens hosted  the meet and greet session in Hotel Amahoro in Bujumbura.

Democratic Republic of Congo
An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday the 7th of June 2011. Prof. De Herdt and Donatien Kabanga hosted the meet and greet session in ‘Halle de la Gombe' (Café).

An IOB ‘Meet and Greet’ session was organised in Rwanda on Sunday the 5th of June 2011. Prof Holvoet hosted the meet and greet session in Hotel Mille Collines in Kigali.