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Legalisation of documents

Required documents

Applicants who obtained a positive academic assessment (see application procedure), are required to submit legalised photocopies of their academic documents:

  1. A legalised photocopy of the degree certificate, i.e. diploma (only degree which grants access to the IOB Advanced Master, i.e. highest obtained degree). For legalisation requirements: see below.
  2. A legalised photocopy of the academic transcripts (highest obtained degree). For legalisation requirements: see below.

For applicants with a higher education degree from Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana an additional direct confirmation from the home university will be asked on top of the legalisation. This measure is taken to avoid fraud.

Legalised documents need to be submitted in hard copy (address below) unless it concerns a so-called e-legalisation. In this case, the documents can be submitted by e-mail.

In case the applicant is unable to meet the legalisation requirements below, please contact the admission office ( for alternative legalisation options.

Legalisation requirements

Check the legalisation requirements here.

Note that you will be refused enrolment without the correct legalised documents! If you have doubts, please contact

Postal address

University of Antwerp
IOB Admission office
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerp

Tel 0032 32 65 59 42

Contact person: Greet Annaert –