In a more and more globalised world, internationalisation is essential for a qualitative and relevant interpretation of the three core academic tasks of the University of Antwerp:

  • education
  • research
  • services to society

In this global society, we aim to stimulate the international orientation of all our students and staff members. With the European alliance Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE), we focus on the future of the European education and research field.


Students at the University of Antwerp are offered maximum opportunities for acquiring international learning experiences. UAntwerp stimulates the development of international and intercultural competence as part of all programmes. We pursue an active policy of international cooperation which aims, for example:

  • to promote student exchanges
  • to foster an open global vision among our students
  • to develop international training components and study programmes
  • to attract talented students from abroad

With YUFE and their open programmes, UAntwerp creates a structural link between internationalisation and education.​


The University of Antwerp conducts creative and innovative scientific research that strives for international excellence. We encourage our researchers to seek out international collaboration and to play an active and prominent role in the global research community by means of scientific publications and research projects.

Services to society

By sharing and transferring our knowledge, the University of Antwerp aims to contribute to societal progress on a global scale. In this area, we place special emphasis on university development cooperation.

The University of Antwerp is pleased to welcome international students and colleagues.