The University of Antwerp strives to be an inclusive, engaged, fossil-free and (bio)diverse university. We are committed to sustainability in education, research and service as well as our internal operations. Our motto: walk your talk!

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UAntwerp encourages all students to learn how they can contribute to a sustainable society from within their own discipline. Students in the second and third year of their bachelor can therefore take a number of university-wide, interdisciplinary courses. This way, we challenge students to think about issues regarding sustainability and formulate possible solutions, both social, ecological and economic. 

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In addition to education, we deploy research as a lever to accelerate sustainable changes in society and to answer societal challenges. Sustainability research conducted in collaboration with citizens and social actors thus occupies an important place in the university's strategic direction. It covers a wide range of topics: from ecology to climate justice and from nature-inspired solutions to the sustainable city. The university also hosts a number of institutes and centres of excellence that partially or fully focus on sustainability.

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UAntwerp is committed to becoming a climate-neutral organisation by 2030, first and foremost by reducing CO2 emissions by at least 55%. By 2050, the university aims to be completely fossil free. We also have the ambition to make ourselves more resilient to the already inevitable consequences of climate change, which is why we want to integrate climate adaptation and sustainable asset management into our operations. These ambitious goals are central to the university's climate plan.

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