The University of Antwerp encourages societal debate and attaches great importance to the scientific and social services that its staff and students provide to society.

The university shares its scientific knowledge with society: professors and researchers from the University of Antwerp use their scientific experience to contribute to social progress and the dissemination of knowledge. They participate in the public debate, believe in active and creative science communication and share their knowledge by creating partnerships and acting as advisors. 

The services provided by the University of Antwerp are not limited to academia, however. We also foster the university’s role as a general service provider, for example by providing social and cultural services to our students, through the university library, through our targeted and transparent communication policy and by building bridges between the university and society, both locally and globally.

Many people are involved in supporting the university’s services to society. It is the Board of Services to the University and the Community that is responsible for providing academic policy guidance, in cooperation with the faculties and their experts.

Maintaining community ties

Enhancing the reputation of the university

Align with the needs of the community