The University of Antwerp is fully committed to peaceful co-operation and mutual understanding across borders. We therefore strongly condemn the aggression against Ukrainian sovereignty, and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Despite the current dire situation we continue to hope for a rapid end to the crisis. Until then, the University is taking the following initiatives.

The University of Antwerp:

  1. Is strongly committed to offer the necessary support to its Ukrainian and Russian colleagues and students currently in Antwerp. We can only imagine what students and staff must be feeling, being at such a distance from families and loved ones. Though unable to take away their understandable worries and grief, the University will provide psychological, administrative and practical help to those who need it.

  2. Recognises that many education and research partnerships are based on academic peer-to peer relationships, and notes that many Russian academics, at great personal peril, have publicly criticised this invasion. The University of Antwerp will therefore ensure, on a case-by-case basis, that dialogue with current partners remains possible. It will however pause its investment in joint research projects with Russian partners at this time, using national and European-level policy guidance where relevant to assess this decision.

  3. Commits to engaging continually with Ukrainian universities as well as to those members of the Russian academic community who oppose the aggression against Ukraine. In doing so, we want to establish their needs for support, and provide whatever assistance it can to Ukrainian universities.

  4. Will continue to work with relevant organisations such as Scholars at Risk to provide aid and support to colleagues who are in danger, whether from invading foreign military forces or from an authoritarian government.