ADS Council and Bureau members

PhD researchers at the University of Antwerp are represented in the academic governing and policy bodies by fellow PhD researchers. These representatives are part of the faculty doctoral committees (FDC) and the Council of the Antwerp Doctoral School (rADS). A few of them also represent a research domain within the Bureau of the Antwerp Doctoral School (bADS), which intensively prepares the Council meetings. If you have questions regarding the PhD policy or ideas for improving the support of your fellow PhD researchers at our university, then the representatives below are your first point of contact.

Applied Engineering
ADS bureau member Applied and Exact Sciences
Business and Economics
Design Sciences
Institute of Development Policy (IOB)
Medicine and Health Sciences
Mats Van Delen
ADS bureau member Medical and Biomedical Sciences
Nautical Sciences
Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
Social Sciences
ADS bureau member Social Sciences and Humanities