The ‘Practical guide for international PhD researchers’ (only available in English) provides an overview of all practicalities of living in Belgium and at the University of Antwerp.

The brochure is divided into three parts:

1. BEFORE your stay

In this section you will find information about (the request of) your visa, finding housing, insurance and general information about the University of Antwerp.

2. DURING your stay

This section contains information on specific topics related to daily life in Antwerp and at our university. It explains which practical matters need to be arranged at the university (enrolling as a PhD student, meeting with the Human Resources Department), which insurances are needed, the residence permit and national registration number, etc. You can also find more information on taxes and permanent housing, (public) transport, child care support, medical services and so much more.

3. AFTER your stay

In this section, you will find information on which steps to take when you end your stay in Belgium.