IMPORTANT: Please note that the individual coaching will be most effective if you have already completed the Giving Presentations course.

Learn by doing – give a 15-minute presentation and receive individual feedback, corrections and tips from a specialised teacher. The feedback will allow you to build on your own strengths and weaknesses, boost your confidence and make your future presentations more correct and convincing.

Who for
Researchers and lecturers
(and others looking for help with their presentations)
Individual appointment (60 minutes) in a period of your choice
On campus or online (your choice)
€90 AUHA
€110 non-AUHA


  • structure: logical and easy to follow, use of signposts
  • vocabulary: typical expressions for describing visual aids, linking phrases
  • delivery: tips and tricks for a clear and interesting presentation, difference between face-to-face and online presentations
  • pronunciation: easily understandable English, typical pitfalls

If you have any specific difficulties or questions, please let your teacher know before the coaching starts.


There is no test at the end of the coaching. We can issue a certificate of attendance on request.

Registration and payment

Please email to agree on a one-hour slot for the individual coaching.

Note that registration is only complete when we have received your payment.

Please transfer the registration fee to bank account number IBAN BE65 7350 0931 3196 BIC KREDBEBB - include ‘ACEN Presentation Coaching’ and the name of the course participant in the payment reference.

No refunds will be made if the participant cancels within one week of the agreed start date.