Spanish course material

We use course books combined with course materials developed by Linguapolis.

  • All in-house developed materials (digital and hard copy) are included in the registration fee.
  • The course book is not included in the registration fee and mandatory.
    Only order after you have received Linguapolis’ invitation for the 1st class.
    (= approximately 1 week before the course starts)

Level 1 makes use of: Aula Internacional 1 Plus

Level 2 makes use of: Aula Internacional 2 Plus

Level 3 makes use of: Aula Internacional 2 Plus

Level 4 makes use of: Aula Internacional 3 Plus

Level 5 makes use of: Aula Internacional 3 Plus

Level 6 makes use of: Aula Internacional 3 Plus

Aula is a monolingual, communication-based Spanish textbook. It is based on the principles of task-focused learning. Each chapter is centred around a group assignment, in which communication is central.This method is ideal for learners who want to learn how to communicate in Spanish in a short period of time. Developing communicative language skills implies that special attention is paid to vocabulary, grammatical accuracy and correct pronunciation.

Aula offers you one year of free access to the online platform with additional exercises and video material.

E-learning and communication platform

To support you in acquiring and practising the language, Linguapolis offers a free digital e-learning platform. Through Blackboard Linguapolis your teacher provides you with the contents of each lesson, extra lesson or study materials, correction keys and homework assignments. The vocabulary lists and digital exercises developed to go with the course materials can be completed by yourself and at your own pace. You can get even more out of your course with this dynamic learning environment that is fully linked to the teaching material.

You retain access to the course materials on Blackboard up to 6 months after the end of the course.