The research agenda of the chair consists of analyzing the legal and economic aspects of corporate governance, with a particular focus on Belgian corporations. More specifically, the chair has three lines of research

  1. First, the chair examines to what extent corporate governance encourages or discourages short-termism in listed corporations. The focus is on three sub-topics: shareholder activism, loyalty voting rights and executive compensation. Geographically, the research focuses on continental Europe and more specifically Belgium, as this region is often underexposed in current research. However, the mainly Anglo-Saxon literature is also used to develop an analytical framework and highlight differences with continental Europe.
  2. Second, the chair studies start-up governance. It will investigate which governance arrangements founders agree upon among themselves and with investors, for example through interviews with start-ups and their advisors. This research will include insights from negotiation theory to map how founders engage in the conversation about corporate governance.
  3. Third, the chair will conduct research on shareholder protection in share issuances. This line of research builds on the doctoral thesis of Dr Tom Vos (summary).