We are proud to announce the creation of the 'Jean-Pierre Blumberg' Chair at the University of Antwerp. Jean-Pierre, a great German scholar, lover of music and Belgian law practitioner, had a tireless curiosity about the law and about people; as Ludwig von Beethoven put it: “Fahre fort, übe nicht allein die Kunst, sondern dringe auch in ihr Inneres; sie verdient es”

Jean-Pierre did not just practise law; he constantly sought to uncover its secrets. Equally, Jean-Pierre strove to learn what every person he met was passionate about – everyone had something to enrich his life. 

Jean-Pierre contributed enormously to shaping the Belgian corporate landscape as it is today. The Chair that will bear his name is being established to preserve the legacy of Jean-Pierre asan icon of international corporate, M&A and capital markets law in his capacities of business lawyer, director and academic. 

The Chair will reflect the vision of Jean-Pierre: based in Antwerp, it will look to his beloved Europe and beyond with the aim of garnering insights into the law, business, economics and corporate governance in order to provide research, education and services that will benefit the whole of society.

  • Chairholder: Robby Houben
  • Faculty: Law
  • Active: since 2021
  • Partners: The chair is funded by contributions from private partners, with the Blumberg family and Linklaters as founding partners, and with the warm support of Domo Chemicals, Delen Private Bank, Umicore, Intervest Offices & Warehouses, TINC, Dominique Moorkens, Vastned Retail Belgium, Lefebvre Sarrut Belgium, and numerous donations from individuals, including Paul Van Hooghten.

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