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The Faculty of Social Sciences is what we call a well-oiled machine. Over 250 staff members work hard every day to ensure that the research, education and services we provide are of the highest quality, and all of this is carried out by the departments themselves.

The faculty has three departments: 

Communication Studies

Chair: Prof. Karolien Poels
Vice-Chair: Prof. Alexander Dhoest

Training and Education Sciences (OOW)

Chair: Prof. dr. Piet Van den Bossche
Vice-chair at interim: Prof. dr. Sven De Maeyer

Political Sciences

Chair: Prof. Dirk De Bièvre 
Vice-Chair: Prof. Stefaan Walgrave


Chair: Prof. Gert Verschraegen
Vice-Chair: Prof. Edwin Wouters

The role of each department is set out as follows in the internal rules: "The departments are decentralised administrative units for a given discipline or group of related disciplines which bear academic and administrative responsibility for providing, coordinating and integrating education, scientific research and academic services, along with the academic personnel who make up their staff, and for the tasks allocated to them by the faculty."