With the ‘Integration Decree’ of July 2012, the Flemish Government imposed language requirements on all Flemish universities and university colleges. Starting from the academic year 2013-2014, lecturers have to meet language proficiency standards in order to guarantee high-quality teaching. The University of Antwerp provides adequate support and a broad array of training opportunities to all staff members who have to meet the language requirements. We also support international staff members with an integration programme.

The language requirements can be classified into two subdomains:

- lecturers need to master the language in which they teach at CEFR level C1
- supported by an integration programme, (non-native) lecturers need to master the institute’s official language, Dutch, at CEFR level A2 within 2 years of appointment and at CEFR level B2 within 5 years of appointment or at the time of permanent appointment

The CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, put together by the Council of Europe. The CEFR distinguishes three different language proficiency divisions, A, B and C, which can be classified into two levels, 1 and 2 (six in total). A basic user masters the language at level A, an independent user masters level B, a proficient user masters level C.

More information

More information

In case of any questions regarding this topic, do not hesitate to contact the International Staff Office.

If you wish to take another language course during your stay, please contact Linguapolis, the Institute for Language and Communication at the University of Antwerp. As a university staff member you will receive a discount on the course fees.