As a member of staff, you will have tax deducted from your salary in the country where you are working. However, there are exceptions. PhD students can receive tax exemptions, but professors and research fellows with grants can also enjoy tax-free contracts if they have another residence in a country other than Belgium.

If you are employed in Belgium and do not receive a tax return form, you are required to request this yourself through the relevant tax office. Contact details and more information about Belgian taxes can be found on the Federal Public Service Finance website. You can also download a digital form to fill in at

Even as a PhD student or post doc with tax-free scholarships and grants, you are obliged to send back this declaration. In this case, you should sign the reverse of the white declaration form and attach to it a standard letter with a copy of your scholarship agreement (mentioning your tax-free income).

You can find more information about being taxed as a cross-border worker and your pay slip on the University of Antwerp’s intranet (login-access only).

Are you employed by the University of Antwerp and also working in a country other than Belgium? Inform your dedicated HR officer in the Human Resources Department to have a correct calculation of your salary.