Meditate in a mindfulnest

To give everyone who needs it a break from the hectic pace and stimuli of everyday life, the library has set up two mindfulnests, one at the Stadscampus and one at Campus Drie Eiken. 

The installation of these cabins is a first in Belgium. A mindfulnest is a soundproof cabin with a soft interior where students and staff can retreat, take a moment for themselves and follow a (guided) meditation.

With an iPad, the user can enter a program of their choice. You can choose a light color and intensity and can listen to serene soundscapes or a guided meditation, but you can also just sit in silence or even doze off for a while.

The cabins are manufactured in the Netherlands with recycled and sustainable materials such as cork and felt and are designed in such a way that every particle can be reused.

Research into their impact on the well-being of students and employees shows that 85% of users indicate that they are more focused after use.