Acquisition procedure

The faculty library advisors are responsible for the selection of books, journals and electronic information.

The University of Antwerp Library is responsible for

  • implementing and monitoring orders
  • recording and cataloguing of all publications
  • reviewing the invoices

All publications are the property of the University of Antwerp, or fall under a license agreement between the University of Antwerp and the vendor, even when they are purchased through project funds or personal academic budgets.

Orders for the reading room

Members of the academic staff have to contact the library advisors of their faculty, department or institute. 

Others may fill in this form.

Before recommending a title, please check our catalogue to verify if the library does not already own a copy the title.

Please note that your suggestion does not always result in a guaranteed purchase. It will be sent to the faculty library advisors, who make a decision according to available budgets and the relevance of the title for the library users.

The form on this page is not intended for booksellers and publishers. They should contact the Department of Acquisitions and Metadata management.

Orders for research

Only academic and administrative staff may order publications for personal use (research).

Please fill in this form. We will contact you as soon as possible. The publications will be sent to your address at the University through the internal mail service.

Holders of a personal academic budget may purchase the books themselves according to specific conditions. For more information, please contact the Department of Acquisitions and Metadata management.

Academic staff may obtain an extended loan (A-loan) for a limited part of the collection if the students’ needs are met. For more information, please contact the library advisor of your faculty, department or institute.

Orders for research (e-books)

The purchase of e-books on personal title affects the acquisition procedure, the availability, and the conservation of the content. 

In this context the library cannot order e-books since the license forbids to make the content accessible for the entire University.  

In this case, the academic staff member should place an individual order as he/she will be the only user entitled to have access to its content. The costs can be recovered by means of i-expense, a service of The Financial department. 

The purchased content cannot be deposited at the library after use. We therefor advise not to purchase on personal title, but via the library. The cost will be higher but the book will then be available for the whole community of the University of Antwerp.

Orders for daily and weekly newspapers

Academics and faculty secretariats can contact the library to subscribe to hard copies of daily and weekly newspapers. Together we will look for the right subscription formula.
For privacy reasons, we cannot distribute a username and password for online access. Our intervention is limited to the delivery of paper copies.

If you would like information on the possibilities for online access (for the entire campus), please contact the library's e-info service.

On the Stadscampus, deliveries of daily and weekly newspapers are distributed internally by the library, unless your location has a physical mailbox large enough to deposit newspapers and accessible to Bpost. In that case, they can be delivered directly.

For the other campuses, we recommend having the daily newspapers delivered to the respective receptions to ensure direct availability.