What is LibKey?

LibKey is designed to give you access to the full text articles you need, when you need them, all with just one click. LibKey works in the background. You don not have to do anything. Where possible, we have installed this service in our library resources.

LibKey Nomad browser extension

The browser extension LibKey Nomad essentially does the same thing as LibKey in our own resources. By installing the extension you have quick access to the available full text articles. 

  1. Installation: Download and install the LibKey extension for your browser of choice (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, or Edge).
  2. Connect to our library: Select University of Antwerp as your institution in the LibKey settings to access our collection.


Quick search by DOI or PMID.

Quick search using a unique identifier. Go to http://libkey.io/libraries/1768 and enter a DOI or PMID.