GIStorical Antwerp

The Centre for Urban History builds a spatial historical infrastructure through the GIStorical Antwerp project.

GIStorical Antwerp is a project of the University of Antwerp in close cooperation with the Antwerp City Archives. Phase I of the project, funded by the Hercules-Foundation and the University of Antwerp, started in September 2012. GIStorical Antwerp I uses the potential of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to integrate all kind of historical data (maps, census data, iconography, address books etc. ) at the level of individual houses and households in the city of 19th century Antwerp. Phase II, GIStorical Antwerp II, started in 2016 and is also funded by the Hercules-foundation and extends the existing infrastructure in time (< 1600) and space (suburbs).


The project is managed by prof. dr. Tim Soens and executed by GIS-expert dr. Iason Jongepier and historian Rogier van Kooten. For more information, visit the project website.