Research Centre for Visual Poetics 

University of Antwerp
Faculty of Arts, Literature Department, Theatre and Film studies

Centre for Urban History

University of Antwerp
Faculty of Arts, Department of History

  • VAN DAMME Ilja - Principal investigator
  • LOOCKX Kristof - Postdoc WP2: The Lantern Projector and Public Lectures: Actors and Their Motives, 1870-1920
  • BUELENS-TERRYN Margo - PhD WP2: B-Magic in Space: Mapping of Lantern Infrastructure and its Socio-technological Context


Cultural History since 1750

KU Leuven
Faculty of Arts, History Department

  • WILS Kaat - Principal investigator
  • TEUGHELS Nelleke - Postdoc WP1: Between Instruction and Delight: the Magic Lantern in the Late 19th-century and Early 20th-century Belgian Visual Media Landscape
  • EGELMEERS Wouter - PhD WP1: Education through Images. The Magic Lantern in Belgian schools, 1880-1940

MuCiA - CiASp (Cinéma et Arts du spectacle)

Université Libre de Bruxelles
Faculté de Lettres, Traduction et Communication (LTC) - Arts du spectacle

  • NASTA Dominique - Principal investigator
  • LENK Sabine - Postdoc WP1: The Religious and the Spiritual: the Magic Lantern in the Hands of the Freemasons
  • MOENS Bart - PhD WP3: Emotions on Demand: Structures of Sentiment in Lantern Series and their Performance

THEA | Theatricality and the Real

Université Libre de Bruxelles
Faculté de Lettres, Traduction et Communication (LTC) - Arts du spectacle

  • VANHAESEBROUCK Karel - Principal investigator
  • WYNANTS Nele - Postdoc WP4: The Magic Lantern Experience: Mapping Cultural Exchanges between Slide-producing Countries and Belgium
  • DE WEERDT Anse - PhD WP4: Projecting the Other. Colonial Representations and Missionary Propaganda in Belgian Magic Lantern Culture

Observatoire de recherche sur les médias et le journalisme (ORM)

Université Catholique de Louvain
COMU - Ecole de Communication


School of Arts - HoGent
Department of Film, Photography and Drama

  • CARELS Edwin - Principal investigator
  • PERSIJN Laura - Assistent


Media History

Utrecht University
Department of Media and Culture Studies, Media and Performance Studies


Projecting Knowledge Partners UU


Independant Volunteer

  • Kristien Van Damme