The INSPIRE webinars are an opportunity to explore into the different disciplines involved in Safety Pharmacology and discuss key concepts and technological solutions to address emerging cardiovascular safety concerns. These online lectures are held on ZOOM, free-of-charge upon registration.

  1. 29 MARCH | UCB Biopharma: Non-clinical cardiovascular safety assessment in pharma industry: past, present and future 
  2. 26 APRIL | Maastricht University: Mass Spectrometry (Imaging) in the Pharma Industry
  3. 24 MAY | Boehringer Ingelheim: General pharmacology models and case studies
  4. 14 JUNE | INRIA: Why talking to a mathematician? 1() What do we mean by «data analysis»?; (2) Mathematical modelling; (3) Examples of application
  5. 8 SEPTEMBER | University of Nottingham: The cardiovascular consequences of anti-VEGF therapies
  6. 25 OCTOBER | Weizmann Institute of ScienceA paradigm shift in translational psychiatry through rodent neuroethology 
  7. NOVEMBER | Ncardia: Human iPSC added value to the drug discovery pipeline
  8. 1 DECEMBER | TSE Systems: Telemetry in group housed rodents
  9. DECEMBER | NOTOCORD: Signal/data processing and visualizations in drug discovery
  10. JANUARY | UAntwerp: Induction of autophagy as therapeutic strategy in atherosclerosis