The INSPIRE webinars are an opportunity to explore into the different disciplines involved in the field of Safety Pharmacology, as well as to discuss a variety of key concepts and technological solutions to address emerging cardiovascular safety concerns. These 10 online lectures are held on ZOOM, free-of-charge upon registration.

  1. 29 MARCH | UCB Biopharma: Non-clinical cardiovascular safety assessment in pharma industry: past, present and future 
  2. 26 APRIL | Maastricht University: Mass Spectrometry (Imaging) in the Pharma Industry
  3. 24 MAY | Boehringer Ingelheim: General pharmacology models and case studies
  4. 14 JUNE | INRIA: Why talking to a mathematician? 1() What do we mean by «data analysis»?; (2) Mathematical modelling; (3) Examples of application
  5. 8 SEPTEMBER | University of Nottingham: The cardiovascular consequences of anti-VEGF therapies
  6. 25 OCTOBER | Weizmann Institute of Science: A paradigm shift in translational psychiatry through rodent neuroethology
  7. NOVEMBER | TSE Systms: TBD
  8. NOVEMBER | Ncardia: Human iPSC added value to the drug discovery pipeline
  9. DECEMBER | NOTOCORD: Signal/data processing and visualizations in drug discovery
  10. DECEMBER | UAntwerp: Induction of autophagy as therapeutic strategy in atherosclerosis