29 MARCH (12:00 PM CET): Non-clinical cardiovascular safety assessment in pharma industry: past, present and future

Lecturers: Vitalina Gryshkova, PhD, Principal Scientist, Investigative Toxicology,  UCB Biopharma | Annie Delaunois, PhD,  Associate Director, Non-Clinical Safety, UCB Biopharma | Jean-Pierre Valentin, PhD, Senior Director, Head of Investigative Toxicology, UCB Biopharma

Drug-induced cardiovascular toxicity is one of the main safety reasons for attrition, impacting drug discovery and development. Drugs can have diverse functional and/or structural effects on the cardiovascular system. It is therefore essential to develop and use robust predictive tools and approaches to identify as early as possible any cardiovascular risk of new drug candidates. This webinar will review the evolution of the non-clinical cardiovascular safety assessment over the last decade(s), and will cover scientific, technological and regulatory aspects. REGISTER NOW.