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Find a subject and a supervisor

When you wish to start a PhD, you must first find a supervisor in the discipline or field which your PhD addresses. You then define the subject of your doctoral thesis with this supervisor.

If you don't have a supervisor in mind yet, you can check this overview of the different research units at the University of Antwerp or the 'Find an expert' search tool.

PhD degrees

PhD degrees

Study area: Architecture

  • Doctor of Architecture
  • Doctor of Interior Architecture
  • Doctor of Urban Development and Country Planning
  • Doctor of Conservation of Monuments and Landscapes

Study area: Audiovisual and visual arts*

  • see combined study areas

Study area: Conservation and restoration

  • Doctor of Conservation and Restoration

Study area: Biomedical sciences

  • Doctor of Biomedical Sciences

Study area: Veterinary Sciences

  • Doctor of Veterinary Sciences

Study area: Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Study area: History

  • Doctor of History

Study area: Applied Engineering and Technology

  • Doctor of Applied Engineering

Study area: Medical Sciences

  • Doctor of Medical Sciences

Study area: Music and Performing Arts*

  • see combined study areas

Study area: Nautical Sciences*

  • Doctor of Nautical Sciences

Study area: Education sciences

  • Doctor of Education

Study area: Product Development

  • Doctor of Product Development

Study area: Political and Social Sciences

  • Doctor of Social Sciences
  • Doctor of Social Sciences: Sociology
  • Doctor of Social Sciences: Communication    Studies
  • Doctor of Social Sciences: Political Sciences
  • Doctor of Social Sciences: Social work
  • Doctor of Information and Library Science
  • Doctor of Film Studies and Visual Culture

Study area: Law

  • Doctor of Law

Study area: Linguistics and Literature

  • Doctor of Linguistics and Literature
  • Doctor of Literature
  • Doctor of Linguistics
  • Doctor of Theatre science and Intermediality
  • Doctor of Translation Science

Study area: Applied Biology

  • Doctor of Bioscience Engineering

Study area: Applied Economics

  • Doctor of Applied Economics
  • Doctor of Transport and Maritime Economics** (**title is being phased out)
  • Doctor in Management

Study area: Science

  • Doctor of Science
  • Doctor of Science: Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Doctor of Science: Biology
  • Doctor of Science: Chemistry
  • Doctor of Science: Physics
  • Doctor of Science: Computer Science
  • Doctor of Science: Mathematics

Study area: Philosophy

  • Doctor of Philosophy

Combined study areas

  • Doctor of Development Studies
  • Doctor of Social and Economic Sciences
  • Doctor of Environmental Science
  • Doctor of Arts*
  • Doctor of Safety Sciences

* study areas/disciplines for which the University of Antwerp can confer PhDs as part of the association