After you've found a subject and (a) supervisor(s), you need to submit an application for the PhD to the Registrar's Office via Mobility Online . Make sure to add all the required attachments! 

In case of an interdisciplinary PhD, the same procedure applies.

The Registrar's Office will then send the application to the relevant faculty/department/institute, which decides about the admission and composes an individual PhD commission (IPC). The faculty will decide on the suitability of the candidate and the research topic within a reasonable period of time following receipt of the application.

If the faculty/department/institute approves your application, you will be invited by the Registrar's Office to take the next step in your enrolment as a PhD student.

More information about enrolment and the tuition fee can be found on the website of the Registrar's Office. More specific answers can be found on the helpdesk or you can submit a new question there.

New PhD candidates can enrol during the whole academic year until the end of May!

Annual re-enrolment 

PhD students at the University of Antwerp must re-enrol every year through their SisA Self-service. Re-enrolment is possible between 16 July and 7 October of every year.
Submitting a re-enrolment request is an online procedure that takes only a minute: log on with your student account and go to tile 'To Do'. Alternatively, go to the tile 'Requests' and in the first part 'Career management' you will find 're-enrolment X-Y'. More information can be found on the helpdesk.

Tuition fee

You only have to pay the tuition fee twice: in the year of first enrolment and when the public defence take splaces; if both happen in the same academic year, you need to pay both tuition fees in the same year. When you announce your public PhD defence via ePhD (in SisA), you will be invited by the Registrar's Office to pay the final tuition fee (the payment details will appear in your SisA account).