Incoming and outgoing PhD students

When starting a double or joint PhD, outgoing joint PhD students should first enrol as PhD students at the University of Antwerp. In doing so, they complete the standard procedure for beginning a PhD at the University of Antwerp.  The University of Antwerp is therefore their 'home' university and this means that the majority of the research, funding and the thesis defence will all be taken care of here. Outgoing joint PhD students will conduct at least six months of research at a partner institution.

Incoming joint PhD students enrol as PhD students at another university (=their home university) when starting their double or joint PhDs. These students come to Antwerp to conduct joint PhD research with a supervisor who is employed by the University of Antwerp as a member of the tenured academic staff. The minimum requirement for incoming joint PhD students is that they conduct at least six months of research at the University of Antwerp (=the partner institution).

It is possible to apply to do a joint PhD whether you have already conducted six months of research at a partner institution or whether you are planning to do this in the future. Please note, however, that you can defend your PhD thesis no earlier than six weeks after the agreement has been signed.


PhD students who want to obtain a joint PhD should request this in writing to both universities involved at least one year before the submission of his or her draft thesis. If the application is approved, the PhD student should comply with the regulations of both universities regarding the registration and admission for the public defence of the thesis. (Article 41 "Rules and regulations for all PhD students").


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