Doctoral students are students (third cycle) who are enrolled at the University of Antwerp. This means it’s possible to do a PhD even without funding. In practice, however, most doctoral research is funded, meaning the PhD student has resources and an income at his or her disposal.

Funding can be obtained in various ways. An important source of funding is the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). You can find further information about application procedures, deadlines, criteria and so on on their website.

The University of Antwerp’s University Research Fund (BOF) also funds PhD research. ARIA PhD students who started in the academic year 2019-2020 or later can submit a one-off application for 3000 euros for operational expenses from the BOF. The resources are allocated as a BOF research project, with the supervisor of the PhD research as the supervisor of the project.

The Schools of Arts fund the majority of all artistic research, however. You can find out more about the organisation of the application rounds on the 'How to apply' page. You can also contact the coordinators at the respective Schools of Arts:

Please note that you can't apply at more than one School of Arts at the same time.