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Participating in courses, conferences or summer schools can cost a significant amount of money. The Antwerp Doctoral School provides a virtual financial backpack in the form of educational credit to ensure that you can undertake activities in Belgium and abroad on your own initiative.

Please note that only PhD students who follow the doctoral programme are entitled to this financial support.

Only applications that meet the reimbursement requirements and are submitted through the correct reimbursement procedure are eligible for refund.

How much?

PhD students who are enrolled at the University of Antwerp and who are following the complete doctoral study programme are entitled to receive educational credit worth 1,500 in all during their PhD. The educational credit is available till the end of the academic year in which the public defence takes place. 

Each academic year, €500 is added to your balance, so you'll have €500 at your disposal during your first year, (max.) €1,000 during your second year, and (max.) €1,500 in your third PhD year. When you use money to fund an activity, this amount is deducted from your educational credit.

Annual maximum amount at your disposal:

  • academic year of enrolment (AY0): €500
  • AY0+1: max. €1,000 (2 years x €500)
  • AY0+2 and following years: max. €1,500 (3 years x €500)

E.g. Imagine you first enrolled as a PhD student in academic year 2021-2022. In that academic year (AY0) you use €275 of your educational credit. This means that in 2022-2023 (AY0+1) you have a maximum of €725 of educational credit at your disposal. The annual maximum amount of AY0+1 (€1,000) is reduced by the €275 that you have already spent. 

How to consult?

You can consult the status of your educational credit via the SisA self-service (log in with your student account!). Reimbursement applications that have been approved by the ADS will automatically appear in your Financial Statement. You can find a manual on the Helpdesk.