Emergency Medicine

ALARM Intervention Study

The Afferent Limb Ascertainment and Response Methods (ALARM) intervention study is a research project of the University of Antwerp in collaboration with the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. The research focuses on the optimisation of observing, interpreting and communicating information about potentially critically ill patients in acute hospitals in Belgium in order to enable timely medical intervention. The goal of the study is to reduce the incidence of unplanned admissions in intensive care and the incidence of cardiac arrest.

Contact: filip.haegdorens@uantwerpen.be

Link: www.alarmstudy.be

Team UAntwerp: Drs. Filip Haegdorens, Dr. Koen De Meester, Prof. Dr. Koen Monsieurs, Prof. Dr. Peter Van Bogaert


REAppropriate Study

The REAppropriate study is a research project of the University of Antwerp in collaboration with the University of Ghent. There is a legitimate concern about the appropriateness of resuscitation efforts within emergency medicine. Inappropriate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is defined as performing resuscitation efforts which care providers find disproportionate to the expected patient outcome in terms of survival or quality of life. The project studies the prevalence of this problem, the influencing factors of the perception of inappropriate CPR and its implications for care providers, patients, family and society.

Contact: sofie.huybrechts@uza.be

Link: www.reappropriate.eu

Team UA: Dra. Sofie Huybrechts, Prof. Dr. Koen Monsieurs

Team UGent: Dr. Patrick Druwé, Prof. Dr. Peter De Paepe, Dr. Ruth Piers, Prof. Dr. Dominique Benoit


Quality of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

The quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a research project of the University of Antwerp in collaboration with the University of Ghent.

  • Studies are undertaken to clinically evaluate new ventilation strategies during resuscitation and innovative resuscitation equipment to increase the efficacy of both ventilation and chest compression. Contact: koen.monsieurs@uza.be; sofie.huybrechts@uza.be
  • Studies investigating more effective approaches for CPR training such as computer-supported and self-directed learning with interactive manikins. Contact: koen.monsieurs@uza.be
  • Studies are undertaken to clinically evaluate the quality of resuscitation. (evaluation of pulse-oximetry and end-tidal CO2 as non-invasive methods to assess the quality of circulation during resuscitation) Contact: koen.monsieurs@uza.be; sofie.huybrechts@uza.be


Resuscitation guidelines development

The process of the development of international policy and guidelines in the field of resuscitation. We participate in the evidence based process of the evaluation of resuscitation science that will lead to the new European Guidelines for Resuscitation in 2015.

Contact: koen.monsieurs@uza.be

Link: www.ilcor.org

Team UA: Prof. Dr. Koen Monsieurs